Hipoacusia por ruido: Un problema de salud y de conciencia pública

15 March 2012   //   by adpstaff   //   Noticias  //  No Comments

Between the causes of hearing loss the one that is produced by noise is one of the most common public health problems that the ENT specialist and general practitioner have every day, with no good perspectives to the patient.

One third of the population of the world have some degree of hearing loss caused by high intensive noise.

Noise exposure have more important effects that we could think, because impairment of communication reduce quality of life, socialization and represent high cost for health care.

The principal cause of this has usually been exposure at work but conditions found every day at home, recreation centers, school, etc., are becoming dominant. All family members are potencially affected, no mater age, sex or activity.

Key words: Audition, deafness, acoustic trauma.

Reference: Rev Fac Med UNAM Vol.43 No.2 Marzo-Abril, 2000

Noise Pollution

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